Your questions, our answers

Where can I buy the ticket?

You can buy the ticket online, by telephone +49 (0)172-7061507 or   email as well as in one of the tourist Offices.

2. How can I pay the ticket?

By booking online you can either pay by credit card or PayPal. By booking via telephone or email we accept payment on account (within 14 days) or by credit card. The tourist offices accept payment by debit card (EC-card), by credit card or in cash.

3. Where can I find the starting times and availabilities of the tours?

Here you can find starting times and availabilities: (

4. Are there different types of tours?

Yes. The Düsseldorfer Highlight–Tour shows you in 90 minutes the highlights of Düsseldorf (Hofgarten, Oberkassel, Niederkassel, Old Town, Media Harbour, Königsallee). By choosing the 150-minutes Big Beetle tour - in and around Düsseldorf you will experience attractive scenic roads through the Grafenberger forest, over Ratingen to the romantic and historic village of Kaiserswerth, where we ship over the Rhine river with the local ferry. We continue our Beetle excursion on the typical country roads, passing the "billionairs-village" Meerbusch-Büderich and heading to Düsseldorf again, where we drive to the city highlights: Hofgarten, Tonhalle, Oberkasseler bridge with panoramic view, Oberkassel, Ratinger Street, Burgplatz, Heinrich-Heine-Allee, Karlstadt, Media Harbour, Königsallee.

5. Is there a minimum and maximum number of participants?

If you book the tour 4 hours before the tour starts, the tour takes places regardless of the number or participants. The maximum number of participants for one tour is 22.

6. How many persons can drive in one VW beetle?

All beetles can be driven with minimum 2 and maximum 4 passengers, from which one is the driver and the other will handle the walkie-talkie.

7. Can I make a reservation for one particular vehicle?

We cannot guarantee that you can drive in one particular vehicle (for example cabrio) but requests upon booking will be taken into account where possible.

8. Are there any requirements for the driver?

The driver has to be at least 23 years old and has to have a valid driver's license for 5 years. Driving under the influence of alcohol or medication is prohibited.

9. Is it possible to take young children?

We do not provide child or baby seats, however participants can take their own and adjust it with a three-point seat belt on the front passenger seat. As all VW beetles are historic vehicles, there are no seat belts on the back seats. Children up to 15 years pay 15.00€ per child.

10. Do the cars have any insurance?

Each vehicle is covered by fully comprehensive insurance with a deductible of 300.00€ (limousine) and 500.00€ (cabrio) all risks.

11. Are dogs allowed on board?

If the dog weighs under 12 kg, it is very welcome!

12. Is it possible to purchase a voucher?

Yes. You can order voucher in the tourist offices or online.

13. Is it possible that all participants drive? Can I only be the co-driver?

If the participants meet the actuarial requirements, all of them can drive. Change of driver will take place at the scheduled stops. If you do not want to drive yourself and do not have a driving accompanying person, you can also be the co-driver in the VW bulli.

14. How does the tour work?

The guide drives in front in the VW bulli bus and gives all relevant information during the trip via radio communication system (walkie-talkie) to all participants. If the group is separated, for example due to a red traffic light, the vehicles in front will wait at the next possible spot until the other vehicles get back to them.

15. Which languages are offered?

German and/or English

16. Where is the meeting point? Where does the tour end?

The meeting point is the tourist office at the main rail station in Düsseldorf (Immermannstraße 65b). The tour ends in the parking garage "Immermannhöfe" near the main rail station. We kindly ask you to be there in time so that other participants do not have to wait for you.

17. How do I receive the DüsseldorfCard discount?

Owners of the DüsseldorfCard experience this tour for a discounted price. You can activate the discount online before booking the tour in the shopping cart. Legitimation will be made on the spot. Please show the booking confirmation together with the DüsseldorfCard to the tour guide.

Do you have any further questions?

+49 (0)172 - 7061507