Experience Düsseldorf yourself in cool an colourful VW Beetles, Bulli & Beach Buggies - a guided sightseeing tour and 90 or 150 minutes of top down driving fun.

In a convoy you shall be guided through concrete jungle while receiving over CB radio all the relative information about Düsselorf's sights & landmarks. Experience the famous Königsallee, the Old-Town, Media Harbour, Oberkassel, the Hofgarten. Enjoy the beautiful Rhine panorama from the bridges of Düsseldorf and much, much more...

tägliche Touren ab 29,50

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"Big-Beetle-Tour" in and around Düsseldorf

+49 (0)172 - 7061507

You can by tickets and gift vouchers directly at the ticket-counter in the historical city of Düsseldorf.